Silent Air Compressor 10L


Silent Air Compressor 10L

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A high-power, compact, hyper-silent air compressor presented from Ronix Professional Series!The Ronix RC-1012 Quiet Air Compressor is a superb power tool, with a combined 10L tank and a 1280W motor with a maximum air supply of 80L/Min and sufficient power to handle a broad number of applications. The design of this oil-free air compressor is such that it makes the slightest noise during operation, and due to this reason, it is called a ‘silent’ or ‘quiet’ air compressor. The ergonomic and compact design of the Ronix RC-1012 and functional wheels make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use, which, when combined with a handle, makes it very portable and astonishingly easy to operate. To prevent any hazards, the Ronix RC-1012 comes with a metal gauge and a safety valve with a 0.8MPa safety opening that controls the motor’s temperature during longtime working. Regarding safety, the Ronix RC-1012 is equipped with a thermal protection system that regulates the motor’s temperature during extended use.

Detailed Description

To use various pneumatic tools in any workshop or factory, you need an appropriate air compressor model according to the type of your need. Ronix RC-1012 quiet (silent) air compressor has a high-quality design and a wide range of uses and is the best power source for your pneumatic or air tools!

Ronix RC-1012: A perfect air compressor to store pressurized air

Before buying any tool, you should have a knowledge of its features and mechanisms. In this section, learn more about this compressor’s mechanism, components, and parts. 

Motor and Mechanism:

Its motor is the first and most notable part of any air compressor. Ronix RC-1012 Air Compressor’s 1280W induction motor can produce a speed of 2800RPM and a maximum pressure of 0.8MPa. This amount of pressure stores sufficient air in the tank, enabling the users to work continuously and for long hours. The highly efficient 220-240Vmotor, with 50-60Hz frequency, delivers adequate air power and dependable performance and can fill the air tank in just a short time. The Hyper silent motor and new pump design of this air compressor not only lessen the vibration during work time but the Induction motor is also suited for continuous application. The motor doesn’t need to be lubricated. 


An extremely quiet compressor with a cutting-edge technology design in its pump, the Ronix RC-1012 is made of high-quality materials with high-temperature tolerance. Its 19kg lightweight and compact design make it a highly portable and remarkably easy-to-use compressor. It is equipped with a handle for easy carriage and portability. There is no vibration during operation, and it has four durable rubber bases and can be used in steep and uneven environments. 


A large, high-capacity 10Lit air tank can work with a 0.8MPa maximum working pressure. The tank is made of high-quality materials to guarantee the compressor’s performance and ensure durability. An outlet air of 80 liters per minute is delivered. The restart pressure of the tank is 0.5MPa. A metal pressure gauge is installed on the tank to show the pressure inside. With two cylinders, the tank can be filled in the shortest possible time. 

Solenoid valve:

In the inlet section of the tank, the solenoid valve allows air discharge from the cylinder head and facilitates restarting. 

Drain Valve:

A drain valve is installed under the tank; It empties all the contents inside the tank to not disrupt the efficiency of the tank. 

FBANG Switch:

Designed with high precision and low maintenance, it gives the ability to control the motor off and on. The pump is turned on when the tank’s pressure decreases and turned off when the pressure increases so that the pressure is consistently applied and remains continuous in the output. 

Thermal Protector system:

Sometimes, using the air compressor for long hours increases the tool’s temperature. A thermal protector system in the compressor controls the motor’s temperature during longtime working. If the tool’s temperature goes high, the thermal protector system turns it off automatically. 

Safety Valve:

The air pressure in the tool is being controlled continuously. So, the tool is equipped with a safety valve that controls and limits the pressure build-up in a system. When the tool’s pressure exceeds its limit, the safety valve will automatically release the excess air. The safety valve opening pressure is 0.8MPa. 

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix RC-1012 air compressor’s color box includes two air filters and four rubber bases. 



-10 liter tank combined with a 1280W motor provides plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications-8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation-The light weight and compact design plus Handle make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use-Induction motor for continuous application-FBANG switch for more efficiency and long life-Able to fill the air tank with 2 cylinders at the minimum time-Equipped with a safety valve  -Oil free pump mechanism for more efficiency  -Hyper silent motor and new pump design-Drain valve under the tank -Solenoid valve for greater perfomance-Less vibration during worktime-Equipped with metal guage-Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working-Soft rubber base to be applicable in rough and inclined surface


  • Frequency – 50-60Hz
  • Supplied in – Ronix Color box
  • Model – RC-1012
  • Tank Capacity – 10L
  • Voltage – 220-240V
  • Power – 1280W
  • Speed – 2800 RPM
  • Air Delivery – 80L/Min
  • Max Pressure – 0.8MPa
  • Safety Valve Opening – 0.88MPa
  • restart pressure – 0.5MPa
  • use pressure range – 0~0.8MPa
  • Weight – 19Kg
  • Includes – 2Air Filter,4 Rubber Base

Silent Air Compressor 10L