Quartz Dabsketball Banger Nail


Quartz Dabsketball Banger Nail

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Dabsketball Banger with Bubble Cap

Looking to up your dab game? This novel banger nail is just what you need. The highly detailed Quartz Dabsketball Banger Nail is a perfectly functional replica of a basketball hoop, complete with a frosted glass backboard. It even comes with a bubble carb cap that fits in the hoop like an oversized ball, allowing you to get the most of every dab.

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Now you can bring your love of the sport and your love of dabbing together with this affordable and flashy banger nail. Buy one for yourself or for the basketball megafan in your life – either way, we guarantee everyone will love dunking a dab into this unique nail.


  • Dabsketball banger looks like an actual basketball hoop
  • Material: Quartz
  • Includes : Bubble carb cap
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    14mm Male, 14mm Female

    Quartz Dabsketball Banger Nail

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