Qasair KEN Arlington Range Kent Undercupboard Rangehood


Qasair KEN Arlington Range Kent Undercupboard Rangehood


Kent under cupboard rangehood is designed specifically to go over cookers with an open flame griller with the filter 400 mm above the base. This means the filter must be 1200 mm above the cooking top. To remove the filters, you can reach into the unit or if you have cupboard doors in the front the filters will slide out simply and fit into a dishwasher.


  • 1000mm Wide
  • 1300mm Wide
  • 1600mm Wide


  • KEN 1000L-2 B – Back Ducted (1000mm Twin Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)
  • KEN 1000L-2 T – Top Ducted (1000mm Twin Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)
  • KEN 1300L-3 B – Back Ducted (1300mm Triple Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)
  • KEN 1300L-3 T – Top Ducted (1300mm Triple Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)
  • KEN 1600L-4 B – Back Ducted (1600mm Four Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)
  • KEN 1600L-4 T – Top Ducted (1600mm Four Motor Undercupboard Rangehood)

TYPE: UndercupboardFINISH: Stainless Steel OnlyAIRFLOWThese models come with 2, 3 or 4 motors

These models come top or back ducted. The duct direction can be changed on site

  • Twin Motor 1800m3/hr (Code: KEN 1000L-2)
  • Tipple Motor 2700m3/hr (Code: KEN 1300L-3)
  • Four Motor 3600m3/hr (Code: KEN 1600L-4)

If you are unsure on whether you need a top or back ducted rangehood and/or for any of your rangehood flue & ducting needs. Please enquire with the 8Appliances showroom via email or phone. It is recommended to use Qasair flue & ducting when purchasing a Qasair rangehood.

Remote Switching is available on these models for an Additional $75.00 INC GSTNOTE: Alterations to the standard dimensions will result in alterations to the manufacturing process and therefore subject to a quotation. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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KEN 1000L-2 – 1000mm Wide Rangehood with a Twin Motor, KEN 1300L-3 – 1300mm Wide Rangehood with a Triple Motor, KEN 1600L-4 – 1600mm Wide Rangehood with a Four Motor

Ducting Position

Top Ducted, Back Ducted

Remote Switching For The Rangehood

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Qasair KEN Arlington Range Kent Undercupboard Rangehood

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