Cute Aqua Bathroom Rug


Cute Aqua Bathroom Rug

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Water absorbent plushy goodness

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Worried about water splashing all over the bathroom after a hot shower? Sweat not, this cute animal bathroom rug soaks in 7 times the water of its own weight. Its anti-slip properties help it stay at one place while adding cuteness to the overall washroom decor. The rug is about 2cm thick, allowing its plushy nature to be the perfect accessory for your washroom. The animal shaped rug is machine washable as well. 

  • Cute water-absorbent rug for your washroom
  • Anti-slip base
  • 2 cm thick
  • Machine washable
  • Material: Micro-fibre

Package includes:1 x Cute Aqua Bathroom Rug

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Blue Whale, Green Star

Cute Aqua Bathroom Rug

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